Better in fullscreen (Fixes text glitch).
For the GMTK JAM (Theme: Only One)

Jam page is here.


Hive Mind is a tricky little puzzle-Platformer where all objects are controlled by one person, taking place on one screen. You must get to the end of each level, being the only one left.

Made using only one texture.

The game consists of 8 levels with 1 bonus one just for fun.

Made by Sam Stubbings
Vigorously tested by Michael Christie
Music by John Leonard French

There is also a downloadable version for if you cannot use the WebGL one.

Press ESC to quit the windows application.

The Winx64 version has NOT been tested so try the browser one first for the best experience.


Winx64 Version (Before Deadline) 31 MB


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Cooooool !!

There are other puzzles that require you kill the ones who help you,

but this set of puzzles is FUN!

explores the main mechanic very deeply (relative position of my clones and I)

and the last puzzle really puts it to the limit!

Platforming was challenging enough to not be boring, but easy enough to focus on the puzzle part. Nicely designed indeed

Waouh so cool. Great level design and puzzles. And everything is clear, the transitions between stages are really smooth. You are a pro game jamer, I can tell !

I couldn't play on the browser, with the following error message: "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

SecurityError: The operation is insecure."

Downloading the game it run just fine.

Thanks for the heads up, what browser are you using?

Firefox 60.8.0esr 64-bit