A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Made in 24(ish) hours for the Jingle Game Jam 2020 in Unity.

This game inspired by Super Hexagon has 8 levels to complete. Might be very difficult but if you enjoyed hexagon you may enjoy this. 


There's a SURPRISE at the end of reaching 1:28:00 on all 8 levels, which in hindsight gates the experience behind a HUGE barrier. I'll upload a video with it tomorrow just in case you want to see it and haven't yet. The video can be found here (spoiler warning ofc).

Sorry if you can't get to the surprise bit :/



- A/D or Arrow Keys to move

- Mouse to navigate menu

- ESCAPE to leave level / exit game

- SPACE to restart level

DEV TIMES TO BEAT (I never finished Super Hexagon btw)

(I'll show off any World Record times given a valid YouTube video)

Level 1 - 6:24

Level 2 - 5:12

Level 3 - 1:29

Level 4 - 2:23

Level 5 - 1:28

Level 6 - 2:59

Level 7 - 1:26

Level 8 - 1:19

L??EL ??? - ?:??

Music licenced from Dark Fantasy Studio. Any issues, dm me @SamStubbings

Please comment any bug/suggestions at the bottom of this page and also feel free to flex those scores :)


SuperOctogon.zip Windows x86_64 91 MB
AFTER JAM DEADLINE untested SuperOctagonLinux.zip 94 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe

(I haven't signed the .exe so it might give a warning)

Has been exported as PC, Mac & Linux but hasn't been tested on Mac/Linux.

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